Saturday, April 30, 2011

I tried...

Today I tried to give a crap about Husband's new found hobby... Golf. *insert very dramatic eyeroll*
My dislike for sports is well documented but since I like to be included I tried to be a "good sport".
We played mini-golf and visited a hitting range...

Here is what I learned:
• I only enjoy sports when I am winning. I never win.
• I only enjoy mini-golf when there aren't small children close by and they can't hear me telling Husband that I will beat him to death with my club if he keeps laughing.
• I am a far superior putter than Husband and that's sad.
• I think golf clubs are a form of torture since they attempt to take off half my skin whenever I hit.
• Hitting ranges aren't fun when the stuffy Asian guy next to you gets annoyed when you inform your husband that if he doesn't move you can't be held responsive for racking him with his own club.

Well I tried. That has to count for something, right?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Anyone else have the urge to pull out your taped recording of "Gangsta's Paradise" and act like a fool?
Just me?
Well then. 
If you need me I'll just be downloading lots of Coolio.
And embarrassing Husband.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Carnivore does vegan!

I made this last night.

This was yummy.
This also left my hands reeking of cilantro, so much so that anytime my hands were near my face overnight it woke me up, but that's another story.
The point being Husband liked this.
So what is this you ask?
Quinoa salad with black beans & mango from Veganomicon by Moskowitz & Romero

This my friends is a victory.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What meat is this?

A few weeks ago I texted Husband at work to let him know I had pulled his frozen steaks out of the freezer for dinner that night.
That night we start to get ready for dinner and Husband goes to pull his steaks out of the fridge.
The conversation is as follows:
"Um, honey..."
"These aren't steaks"
"They're porkchops"
"Oh, well what did you expect when you married a vegetarian?"
"That you could tell the difference between pork & beef"
"Well in my difference it all looks the same when it's frozen... unless it's chicken. That's easier"

And they lived happily ever after.