Saturday, April 30, 2011

I tried...

Today I tried to give a crap about Husband's new found hobby... Golf. *insert very dramatic eyeroll*
My dislike for sports is well documented but since I like to be included I tried to be a "good sport".
We played mini-golf and visited a hitting range...

Here is what I learned:
• I only enjoy sports when I am winning. I never win.
• I only enjoy mini-golf when there aren't small children close by and they can't hear me telling Husband that I will beat him to death with my club if he keeps laughing.
• I am a far superior putter than Husband and that's sad.
• I think golf clubs are a form of torture since they attempt to take off half my skin whenever I hit.
• Hitting ranges aren't fun when the stuffy Asian guy next to you gets annoyed when you inform your husband that if he doesn't move you can't be held responsive for racking him with his own club.

Well I tried. That has to count for something, right?

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