Sunday, June 10, 2012


Last week the Husband and I went concert going.
It's one of our favorite things to do.
Our first official date was a concert.
(August 2002, Vanessa Carlton, Third Eye Blind & Goo Goo Dolls)
(We look so young and innocent)
(I mean it was only almost 10 years ago)
Our love affair with music is one of our most sacred bonds.
(In my opinion)
(Outside of Doctor Who)
(Which reminds me, he wants to put a Tardis decal on my car... because I don't get enough grief already)

When it comes to music I'd say we are 99% compatible. It probably has to do something with him being extremely easy going and me being very persistent. (Although we were together for something like 5 years before I realized he doesn't like The Beatles) (I'm not sure how we survived that revelation)

However, this past concert was a reminder that I'm starting to get old.
I mean the earplugs say it all really...
(On the bright side I could sleep that night because my ears didn't feel like they were going to bleed so there's that...)
(My feet on the other hand? That's a completely different story)

The lineup this time was, in our opinion, one of epic-ness.
My Darkest Days (Eh...), Seether (Yay!), Bush (I nearly fainted) & Nickelback (Yay!)

Side note: I get it. Nickelback is a polarizing band. You either hate them or you love them. Not many people are ambivalent. That being said I think some people on the negative end of the spectrum can be real assholes. For what it's worth we like them. Plus they put on a damn good show. I never fail to feel like I get my moneys worth. I can't say that for all bands. Pearl Jam/NIN I'm looking at you.... That being said if you don't like then please don't leave commentary telling me what terrible music taste I have. I respect your right to listen to music I find deplorable and I will gladly keep my mouth shut.

Needless to say, the night was epic.
I rocked my butt off to Seether...

I swooned when Bush took the stage...

I yelled at the top of my lungs when Nickelback played.
It was awesome.
At the end of the night when we stumbled in the door, achy and tired, we were still grinning like idiots.
There's something to be said for that.


  1. I think Seether and Nickelback are like band besties or something because they ALWAYS travel together. When I saw Nickelback a year or so ago, NB headlined and Seether was on right before them (and were just as good IMO).

    I don't go to concerts as much as I used to, but I still have fun with them (and yes, I am in total agreement: Nickelback makes their concerts WAAAAY too loud).

    As far as your car's next Who-upgrade... Tell Chris that it would be cooler if he someone got the white panel on the outside with the instructions for use to put on your door. +10 Geek Street Cred

  2. Saw Bush and Seether in concert in Rochester, MN last night. They put on a great show. Seether did a set of all their biggest hits and the newer "Country Song". Just go my tickets to attend them alive nd mix of older hits and a few from their new album.

    I hear they are heading to Omaha for a concert tonight. I recommend seeing it if you like their music. It was a blast!