Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I like squash. A lot.

I'm currently obsessed with squash and zucchini. 
I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that they can be found in abundance at the local farmer's markets. 
Or that they are just delicious. 
The fact remains that I love them. 
It's almost unnatural.
It's not like I go outside, stomp around our veggie garden yelling "grow dammit" at my plants.
Because that would be weird.
And I'm totally normal.

This is a something I made a few weeks ago. 
I went to the Farmer's market without a clue...
Then I saw the huge baskets of squash/zucchini and the lovely $3 price tag...
Everything after that was a blur.
Husband came home and asked the dangerous question, "What's for dinner?"
I simply shrugged and said, "An experiment."
I dubbed it "Farmer's Market Mish-Mash".
Husband ate two large helpings and promptly burped. 
He claims it was the highest compliment possible.
The "recipe" is as follows...
-Find white rice that you impulsively bought at the bulk bins at Whole Food, Google how to cook it (yes I realize I'm almost 30 and don't know how to cook rice)... set aside.
-Dice up some white onion and cook for a few minutes in olive oil until good and stinky (fragrant, whatever)
-Add squash, zucchini & tomato... season with black pepper (or something else if you are not lazy like me)... let simmer for however long you have the patience for... I think I did 10 minutes because I was engrossed in a Big Bang rerun...
-Put rice in bowl and pour the veggies with juices on top.

(Everything but the rice was bought locally and trust me, it just tastes better)

This was tonight's experiment.
I was daydreaming while at lunch with my bestie.
Naturally my thoughts turned to squash and zucchini because I'm a huge dork.
(Seriously I don't know how I lived to be almost 30 without eating more of these delicious plants)
(Life before this discovery seems very dark...)
Anyway while perusing the isles for food my friend asks what I'm getting for dinner.
I'm sure you can guess that I shrugged and said "an experiment".
It was good.
(Never mind the fact that I forgot to get Husband mushrooms)
((I mean, seriously? They are gross))
((They are a fungus after all) )
(Or that I had to cook with canola oil instead of olive oil because I'm a huge spaz when I grocery shop)
(And maybe a touch forgetful)

So yea, here's this version...
-It's basically the same directions as before...
-Only I added red bell pepper in with the onion
-And I added a can of rinsed (this is very important) black beans at the end. 
-And I added a lot more pepper. Because I like pepper. And I'm too lazy to figure out other spices. 

It's an interesting experiment we have going on in our house.
Life is far more simple without dairy.
Now if only my garden would hurry up and grow, dammit grow.

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