Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From the Marriage Chronicles...

2 weeks ago Husband and I celebrated 8 years of legal togetherness. 
It's funny how time flies. 
It seems like only yesterday we looked like this...
 Now we look like this...
Well actually we look more like this...
We're mature. Really mature. 
(At least I didn't post the picture of me using the camera to see if there was anything in my teeth...)
Sunday night we attended a wedding for one of my dear co-workers.
The reverend is giving the couple some advice and says, "Most importantly never go to bed mad."
Husband and I look at each other and roll our eyes.
Sometimes you need to go to bed to get some perspective.
And avoid murder charges.
Last night we were driving around when Husband saw a church billboard that said something along the lines of respecting the one who drives out the demons. The following conversation happens...
Him: "Do they mean Sam & Dean? or Constantine?"
Me: "Or do they mean on occasion Doctor Who?"
We both collapse into a pile of (very mature) laughter...
Me: "Guess what? I made it 5 whole days without getting any Starbucks before work.."
Him: "That's great dear... let's go get some Starbucks."
Me: "Ok!"
It's the little things in life...

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  1. Keep writing! Once a week would be awesome!